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Express delivery of small parcels, parcels and goods from online stores COD

Express delivery of online stores is used for delivery of commodity stocks and supplies according to scheme “terminal-house” to addresses of companies and individuals against signature of receipt and collection of payment for goods. The term of delivery is 24 hours from the moment of shipment creation.


  • Fee for service: 2% of the delivered goods cost.
    • Easy delivery of the goods, if the goods have already been paid by the buyer and only delivery is required.
    • Delivery of goods COD, if the check for the goods is drawn on behalf of your online store, and the buyer is willing to pay for the goods upon receipt. Courier delivers the goods to the customer and receives payment.
  • Fee for service 2% -4% of the amount of the drawn check.
    • Delivery of goods with cash service is delivery of goods and receiving money for our drawn checks. The received funds are transferred to your bank account by non-cash payments.
  •  Cost of services storage and issue of the goods is 75 RUB (including VAT) per item.
Delivery point Cost for one shipment by courier with weight less than 1,000 g including VAT, RUB
1. Yekaterinburg from 150,00
2. Perm from 150,00
3. Tyumen from 150,00
4. Surgut from 240,00
5. Noyabrsk from 240,00
6. Chelyabinsk from 150,00
7. Kurgan from 150,00
8. Kazan from 150,00
9. Naberezhnye Chelny from 150,00

* Services are provided only in the regional centres;

** Dimensional weight is taken into account when calculating the weight. Dimensional weight (kg) = (Length (cm) * Width (cm) * Height (cm)) / 5,000. Additional charge for exceeding 1 kg is 20 RUB for each additional kg (including VAT).

  • for delivery to remote areas the coefficient is 1.5-2.0;
  • delivery of items is made from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00. If necessary, the delivery after 18:00 is made with coefficient = 2.0, the cost of other services is determined by agreement between the parties.